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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

My name is Toni, but you can call me Tony or T.

I'm self-learned hobbyist photographer from eastern Finland.
I don't have any specific style, but I like to photograph nature sceneries.
You can see all kinds of photographs in this page, mainly sceneries and places from my hometown Imatra, but also from other parts of Finland.

I used to do digital picture manipulations too, but I don't have an interest in them anymore. You can view my old digital pictures in this page.
I practice to draw and paint.
I play drums and guitar.
And I collect music, my focus is mostly on underground vinyls and cassettes, but I buy other kinds of releases too.
My collection is on the following link, it contains my recent additions, haven't included everything that I own yet.…

While arts are my hobbies, I'm studying surface processing.
I.e. I paint and reconstruct interiors and exteriors of buildings.
After I finished comprehensive school, I tried to get to media school couple of years with no luck. I wanted to be a cameraman for tv and/or film productions.
Apparently it's very popular field of occupation in Finland with many applicants, but it has very low employment situation.
House painter was my second interest and it started to sound better option.
However, I have been a trainee on video company. I have filmed and edited commercial projects. I also had there courses in both video and photography.

As a person, other people would describe me as quiet and shy, helpful and friendly.
Feel free to take contact here. I'm very easy going and I don't mind a little chat.

My language proficiency presented in stamps:
Finnish language level NATIVE by LarrySFXBT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designSwedish Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designRussian 3 by Faeth-design

You Know, This Should be Fucking Obvious by endler
Respect the artist, do not copy, re-produce or re-submit my photos without my permission.
Simple note or comment with a mention of what photo and where you are going to use it, is fine.
I use reverse picture search tools to check my photos occasionally to find unauthorized use.

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tsukiko-kiyomidzu Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you for the collection! ^^ Huggle! La la la la 
LASKANWLF Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much for adding Rippling Through Autumn by LASKANWLF   to your faves Toni!  :handshake:  Nice Tama set you got it a 5-piece?  What cymbals you use?  I'm a drummer too by the way. I was in a rock band in the 70's (back in my long-haired days) and still have my 8-piece Ludwig blue Vistalite set with 7 Zildgian cymbals and boom stands. Drummer boy upgrade  The good ole days on stage!  ;)  Oh, and I play guitar too (acoustic, not electric).  =D  
Toni-R Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure, Michael!

My drum set is the basic 5-piece Tama Stagestar set. The Stagestar series is discontinued nowadays. I have one 13 inch crash cymbal which is made by Zildjian, which came with the set and one additional Sabian AAX 20 inch studio ride cymbal. I'm slowly expanding and improving my set.
If you are interested, here is more info and full picture of the drum set:…

Buying the drum set was a bit extempore. My classmate said she was going to sell her used but in good shape drum set. The prize was allright (half of the original price) so why not? I have always been interested in making and playing music and the previous 2-3 times I had played drums was very fun.

I have been playing electric guitar for 5 years and drums for little less than a year.

It's nice to see other guitarists and drummers here in DA! :D
LASKANWLF Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Photographer
That's so cool Toni....nice drum set for sure!  :nod:  Mine is SORT of like this one…
but I have a single floor tom and I have a set of roto-toms over my hi-hat. I started in a country band at 15 yrs old
playing in a few bars and then got picked up by a rock band until I left for the military. Fun times for sure!  =D

I won't bore you with details, but I have two guitars (6 and 12 string)...and my 6-string is a very rare
Limited Edition Taylor 915-M. Only 50 were produced and only 10 of those 50 wired at the Taylor
factory with a Fishman pick-up installed. Aaaand 2 of those 10 were bought by John Denver...I now have
one of those two. ;)  Fact. It's a gorgeous guitar made of Birdseye maple, rosewood, mahogany, Englemann
spruce and has gold keys....and signed twice by Bob Taylor himself. =)  It sounds better than it LOOKS!!
It's now an heirloom - I'll never get rid of it because I've always been a huge John Denver fan. :star:
Toni-R Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice! Have you played in a band after military?

I have a small experimental project 'band' where I do everything by myself from recording to improvising guitar tracks and drum track. Well, so far I have finished songs with computer generated drums, but I have done some test/demo recordings with the real drums too. When I graduate from school in May, I start seriously improve and record music. The school has taken most of my time so I have only had the chance to practice and do some raw rehearsal recordings. I have uploaded one full song, which now can be labeled as demo, since I'm going to re-record it with real drums and   a work-in-process song which is going to be whole a lot different with real drums and additional guitar melodies. I'm fully self-learned with little experience so I don't know how those are going to sound for a person who has more years of experience, but you can listen the songs by clicking the links and from there clicking the orange button with white arrow alongside my name.

Do you have any photos of your guitars? The description of the rare guitar sounds so cool.
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